Exciting News for Motivate Pictures & The BREATHE Acting Studio!
Motivate Pictures is happy to announce their partnership formed with “The Breathe Acting Studio!” 
This merger will give exclusive “first audition and casting” opportunity to the BAS and its artists!
Motivate Pictures is committed to supporting and helping to fuel the “national” film industry with the incredible artists that resides in and around Austin, TX, as they produce both independent and studio feature films! 
This will give unprecedented opportunities and access to The BAS and its artists.
Motivate Pictures current film “The Devil Inside Us” features BAS artists Sarah Niarkos, Terrie Dreyfus and many others. 
This merger DOES NOT exclude the many other incredibley talented actors in and around Austin. Motivate Pictures is looking forward to working with and building relationships with ALL the Austin based artists. This is one journey we’re all on Together!