Donato De Luca

Moe is awesome. He challenges each and every person that enters into class and provides a safe environment to take risks and get out of your comfort zone. He’s a positive, passionate coach with a keen eye and I can’t recommend taking his class enough- you’ll learn a lot about yourself. Thanks Moe!

Oryan Landa (Hard Reset 3D, Closer to the Bottom, Honeymoon)

In short, Maurice Moore “gets it.” He gets the craft, he gets the industry, and he gets how to help actors work at a higher and higher level.

Allison Hawkstone (The Seven Hands of God, The Hollywoodn’t)

Maurice taught me how to push myself out of my comfort zone and still have fun. He made the uncomfortable an exciting place to live.

Raney Branch (The Originals, Grandfathered, The New Girl)

“Mo helped me carve out new layers to my work – he helped me find my voice inside the characters and helped me tap into new depths of my work.”

Chase Livingston

Moe welcomed me into his class with open arms, made the playing space a comfortable and optimal place to learn and grow as an artist. Each class is filled with practical knowledge and experience and he relates to each actor individually and uniquely. In the span of eight weeks, I learned more about myself in relation to my craft than any other craft. I was able to see my sticking points and begin to work in new expressive ways, getting outside of my comfort zone and living in the moment.

Skeeta Jenkins

Maurice Moore is the epitome of what it truly means to invest in the whole actor both as a person and as a performer.  I’ve grown tremendously as an actor since training with him and I consider it an honor to train with him.  It’s a nod to your acting coach when a casting director and producer tells you that whoever you are training with knows what they are doing.  Invest in yourself by taking classes with Maurice Moore and from experience I can say with confidence “You Want Be Disappointed”. -Skeeta Jenkins

Mo’Deja Navarro

My life and experiences with BREATHE Acting Studio so many things i learned.
1st let go of my ego
2nd self discovery
3rd how to be in the moment
4th recognizing/capturing the moments
5th selling the moments
6th understanding scenes
7th understanding fellow actors sharing your scenes
8th creating a natural flow/rhythm while acting
9th reacting vs acting
10th Listening
the list goes on, but it won’t all fit lol.
I want to thank Maurice Moore for his patience with me and friendship and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors

Donna McEldowney

It’s not just for actors. As a writer, the techniques that Moe teaches has helped with developing real, multi-dimensional characters by tapping into honest emotion and motivations. As a person, Moe’s class has helped to push my boundaries, allowing me to tap into my authentic self and teaching me to be more comfortable in my own skin.

Kelly Dealyn Ballew

I have been working with Moe for almost 4 years. I would recommend his classes to anyone at any stage of their career. He finds your weaknesses and turns them into strengths. His passion for acting is more than motivation. The environment he provides is like none other, you truly are a part of a family. He ensures that everyone feels safe in his classes so that you feel free to take risks. He’s straight forward and honest and he pushes you to become your best. Every session has a different focus, so you’re constantly working on new things. He uses a combination of many different acting techniques and improv exercises. Classes are small so everyone gets a good amount of work in each week. I’ve taken many classes in Austin and I know from experience that Moe is one of the best. If I could give more than 5 stars I would.

Sarah R Niarkos

In one session, I have learned so much more than I thought possible. Maurice creates a safe, welcoming space for his students to thrive in. The growth I’ve witnessed, not only in myself but in all my classmates, is amazing. Love Maurice and the Breathe family!

Kristal Joiner

Breathe Acting Studio has by far been one of the best investments for my career. Before coming to Breathe, I felt like I was a “good actor”, and my acting background consisted of pretty much only theater. After just the first class, I realized I had so much to learn, but I knew immediately that Maurice Moore had a well-trained eye for talent. In just a matter of a few months, I know that I’ve grown because Maurice has equipped me with the tools that I need to not only become a better actor but to sustain a career as one. He has this process that gives us the freedom to develop these characters so much so that we become them. Through Maurice, I am learning to be fearless and commit to the choices that I make with every character. I appreciate and trust his guidance so much, and the personal feedback I get from him is invaluable. I would definitely recommend Breathe to any actor who wants to build their craft and be more than just a good actor. When you’re inspired by the instructor that’s even better, and Maurice is that!

JT Rowland

Mo will push you. Mo will piss you off. Mo will inspire you.<br> You will work hard. You will explore. You will fail. You will succeed. You will laugh. You will cry. You will fall– again and again. You will get back up– again and again. You will grow. Its a hell of a ride and I feel extremely blessed to be in it.

David Allan Barrera

Moe is one of the most generous coaches I’ve ever met, let alone have studied under. If you’re looking for someone who will push you to be your best, someone who will provide a safe place to play and fail and someone who is invested in your success not just as an actor but as a human being… then Moe is the guy for you. I’m lucky to have found a coach like that early on in my career and am forever grateful to him as my Sensei🙏🏻.

Tyler Typton

Recently I decided to take a leap into acting not really knowing what to expect or if I would even enjoy it. Initially I was very intimidated entering Moe’s class, I had seen the caliber of actors who would be there in a previous Breathe showcase. However both Moe and my fellow actors made a very safe and encouraging learning environment. While Moe is very encouraging and supportive he will also push you to your limits and in the process make you grow tremendously as an actor. I was absolutely blown away by the progress I had made in such a short time. I owe that to the dedication Moe gives to each and everyone of his students and the love and support from my fellow classmates. Initially Acting was just a little side venture I was trying out, now it has become my primary focus and part of that stems from my experience at Breathe.

Jessie George

I came to “Moe” with no background or experience in acting or performance. With his patience and love for the craft he has helped me be in the “Moe-ment” With his experience, drive, and even knowledge of the business (and of course love for the industry) I quickly logged over 20 commercials and a few movies from being in his classroom. He creates a safe but challenging environment to not just show case your talents and expand your skills but pushes to you the limits (and beyond)…Moe you have forever change me for the better as an actor and a person…

Shane Ramirez

I can say wholeheartedly that I’ve finally found an acting class that speaks to me. Moe critiques without being critical, encourages without sugar coating, and teaches rehearsal without repetition. I noticed an uptick in auditions and my quality of work almost immediately!

Tim Ashby

I’ve know Moe for a few years now, but it feels like so much longer because of how quickly he opened himself up to me and made me feel comfortable doing the same. Before him, I was passionate but terrified of letting it out for fear of..everything? Now, since I’ve known him, I feel comfortable expressing my true passion of story telling in the performing and the discussing it over pancakes at the diner for hours on end. Moe has helped me to unlock pockets of myself that I never knew I had to draw upon when I’m preparing or performing a role. He helped me get into graduate school, he helped me deepen my craft for a show I was nominated for, and he has, and will continue to be, a great friend. Just breathe everyone, and know you’re in the right hands with this incredible man, mentor, and friend.

Diana Rose

What I love most about Mo’s teaching is his uncanny ability to spot exactly where an actor is at and how to achieve the next step in their progress. And his ability to then help them achieve it. What a great gift as a coach, mentor and filmmaker.

Rachel Pallante

One of the safest spaces I’ve ever had the opportunity to play. My first day I was greeted with hugs and felt so welcomed. Maurice has created an environment where everyone is family. I felt empowered to take chances and embrace my failures. Hands on, positive, and real as can be, the Breath community is a special place and we have Maurice to thank for that!

Laura Galt

Maurice knows how to direct and develop the whole actor in a supportive and constructive way.

Kamran Taherpour

MO creates an environment that allows you to create fearlessly, My approach to acting has forever been changed for the better as a result of training here.<br>If you are serious about the craft of acting you do yourself a great disservice by not training at this studio.

Terrie Dreyfus

Hey! I’d like to say a few things about Moe and Breathe Studio. I’ve been with several other coaches in Austin, but I’ve never felt as heard and understood as I do now with Maurice Moore. I’ve grown so much and I’ve watched others around me blossom and bloom every session. His technique works (as long as you do, too!) and I can’t say enough about the loving, enthusiastic atmosphere that makes you feel like your creative self has finally found a home. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, this is the place for you!

Kacey Samiee

I am so lucky to have found Moe and Breathe. I’ve grown so much in his classes and have tremendous faith in him and what he can do for me as a teacher. The classes are fun, filled with challenges and successes, and the community is wonderful. If you have aspirations of being well above average at your craft, then go see Moe. He wants nothing more than to get you there…and if you put in the work, he will. He is an immensely talented teacher, actor, director, producer, and so much more.

Lisa Belcher

I took Moe’s class for the first time and made so much progress I was shocked! He helped me go places as an actor I’d never been before. I highly recommend his class for all levels of actors.